I have been intrigued and delighted by Nativity scenes since I was a child. At Christmas time in recent years I have created several Nativity scenes instead of the Victorian Christmas tree. The process can take two weeks and involve a lot of colleagues and friends.In this set I have included 2007 and 2009 Nativity scenes and photos of related subjects.

This Christmas I was very aware of the link between Dionysus/Christ/Krishna, the incarnation of God as a man among us, sharing our life’s blood, history and our human condition.

“Oui, c’est bien lui, ce fou, cet insensé sublime,
Cet Icare oublié qui remontait les cieux,
Ce Phaéton perdu sous la foudre des dieux,
Ce bel Attis meutri, que Cybèle ranime….”