Edward Lucie-Smith proposed that I approach a new Calvin Klein series of paintings, like a innovative advertising campaign, a successor to Klein’s highly successful ads with photographs by Bruce Weber, but taking a slightly different tack.There would be a series of classical scenes by me, based either on well known Greek sculptures, such as the Parthenon frieze, the Hermes at Olympia etc., or else paraphrases of mythological paintings by the great masters: David’s Leonidas etc., in which some of the figures would be wearing Calvin Klein briefs.

Effectively, my pictures would be perfectly serious, beautifully executed paintings,”in the post-modern manner, with all the wit, swagger and panache, which are uniquely yours. The Calvins would be just that element of dislocation which post-modernism calls for”. Edward continues,”Reproduced as bill boards, using the current technology, they would have tremendous impact as art in the street. And I think they would make the most hotly discussed and most noted advertising campaign in America and indeed worldwide – along stride beyond Benetton, for example”.

We chose the obvious slogan: CLASSIC CALVINS.

I took these photographs for the series of paintings that includes Palestra and Catwalk at Delphi.