“The voluptuous figure which forms the subject of these photographs derives its erotic charm chiefly from the arrangement of the vestments. It may in fact, be remarked that absolute nudity is less immodest than partial or accidental nudity. When the Spartans in the circus, and . the Romans at the theatre, saw young and beautiful girls entirely naked, they certainly experienced less voluptuous sensations than when they happened accidentally to catch sight of the nakedness of a woman who might fall awkwardly from her horse, or slip on the pavement of the street. Complete nudity argues a state of independence and freedom which possesses nothing alarming to modesty or seductive to the senses; but partial nudity seems as if reserved for furtive and unusual actions. In order to feel this fully, one should see side by side the Venus de Médici, a chaste divinity entirely nude; and the Venus Callipyge, a voluptuous courtesan, indecently clad”.