This house is situated on the Via dell’Abbondanza. Also known as the House of D. Lucretii Satrii Valentes, it was still being restored when Vesuvius erupted in AD79. Excavated between 1933-35, it was damaged by bombing during World War II in 1943. It was re-excavated and restored in 1952.

On the rear wall of the peristyle are three large frescoes set on a blue background. The left hand painting is of the god Mars pictured standing on a plinth while the central painting is of Venus lying in a conch shell with two putti.The right-hand paintings of flowers and birds drinking at a fountain.

Although these frescoes may not be of consistent quality artistically, they are never-the-less are colorful and provide a delightful backdrop to the garden.

To the left of the rear wall is a small windowless room (in the photograph above left). Its exterior wall bears a fresco featuring an urn on a yellow ground, with small details of birdlife.