The group, Ajax with the body of Achilles, (Menelaus supporting the body of Patroclus) discovered in Rome stood originally at the southern end of the Ponte Vecchio. There is another version of this much-restored Roman marble in the Palazzo Pitti. It is an ancient Roman sculpture from the Flavian era, copied from a Hellenistic Pergamene original of the mid third century BC. This marble group was discovered in Rome. It has undergone restorations by Ludovico Salvetti, to a model by Pietro Tacca (1640) and by Stefano Ricci (about 1830).

In 1594 Ajax with the body of Achilles was set up in a niche on the south end of the Ponte Vecchio. The fact that it was intended to be displayed in a niche accounts for anomalies in an otherwise inspired reconstruction.

Another version of this deservedly famous statue was in the Grotto of Tiberius, Sperlonga,